How I lucked into Hunters Haven Farm when I decided I wanted to take riding lessons, I'll never know, but this place rocks. After just 2 lessons (the first was really an eval with the owner on a "bomb proof" sweetheart of a horse), I knew I was in the right place with smart, talented and detail-oriented trainers. After a few more, I just feel confident and grateful. My inner 13 year old girl is thrilled. My adult self can't believe I'm riding English AND I'm finally maybe starting to put it all together, thanks to some amazingly patient instruction. HHF staff are professional, fellow riders are friendly and reassuring (kids and adults alike). I'm in love with my equine partners. Driving up that long beautiful drive to the barn feels like arriving at an oasis. Just awesome. – Stephanie B.

I recently moved back to the Boston area and was looking for a new stable at which to take lessons. I am SO happy I found HHF! Not only do they have incredible grounds (indoor ring, outdoor ring, cross country track, dressage ring, jumping ring),but their lesson prices are very reasonable and have allowed me to continue doing what I love. I have learned so much in the last 2 months. Meg is a fantastic instructor and really pushes you to do your best. If you are looking for a place to ride on the northshore, look no further than HHF. – Sara O.

Best lessons we've ever taken by far! HHF has been one of our best New England finds since we first moved here a year ago. The grounds are immaculate and stunning, the horses are all very gentle and extremely well taken care of, and the staff is quite possibly the most professional group we've experienced. The lessons are thorough and safety for the riders and the horses is a prime concern at HHF which brings parents whose children are starting to ride great comfort. The owners are very responsive and kind people who aren't just running a business. This is their passion and their pride and it shows. While riding is often regarded as an uppity sport, we never feel any of that while there. Everyone is very down to Earth, nice, and welcoming to all. It's also very affordable, I think, comparing to other places we had scouted with half the warmth. Lindsey just finished teaching our daughter cantering 101 which she picked up with great confidence in just a couple of days which we credit to the level of professionalism delivered at HHF. She is absolutely in love with the place, the animals and the staff and we also couldn't be happier. Take your child or yourself to HHF for an intro class and you'll see exactly what I mean. You won't be disappointed! – Fab W.

My 13 year old daughter has been happily skipping, riding, playing, sledding, jumping learning and chatting away at HHF since she was only 7 years old.  Her chatty little self  was so lovingly welcomed that she wanted to spend all of her time there, and doing so was NEVER frowned upon! It was very clear that this is where she belonged, and the positive values taught there would stay with her for life..so we bought a wonderful horse when she was 9..   : ) I am not a horse person, I knew very little about caring for a horse, VERY little! I have never had to worry about his care MUCH LESS my daughter's safety at HHF. I have incredible, patient support every step of the way. The owner (Trish) is extremely knowledgeable, fair and generous to both her lesson students as well as her boarders. My daughter's trainer (Kerri), well, let's just say I worship the ground she walks on! She has kept my little girl and her pony safe for years! I can leave my little girl in Trish and Kerri's care for anything without concern. Everything from lessons to a big barn Halloween sleepover bash! For my family...this is a "Children's Haven Farm"!  For "grown up" horse people..it is a wonderful barn family...with a big indoor ring set on a meticulously maintained farm loaded with outside rings and cross country riding areas for their enjoyment. I should add...the hours kept at HHF are incredibly flexible as well. They barely close even for the holidays! – Kerrilyn Y.

Friendly and lovely riding facility. The staff is very approachable and knowledgeable. The trainer's teaching methods are very encouraging for beginner riders. My daughter has progressed with confidence. Never has she felt scared nor under-challenged during a lesson. The horses for the lessons are always a suitable match for rider. Looking forward to summer camp there too. – J.M.

This a great barn for children, teens, and adults as well. I am an adult 50yrs plus. The individual attention you receive even while your in a group lesson is remarkable. This barn is very relaxed while still being professional and is most enjoyable. The instructors make it as fun as well as teaching you how to ride correctly. The staff is very friendly and kind hearted. Everyone enjoys the antics that the horses are always providing. A most enjoyable place to ride, lots of different arenas as well as sand tracks to ride so you and your horse can experience and also be challenged. Come and see for yourself! – Barbara R.

I started riding again after a 30 year hiatus. I tried another barn but it just wasn't a good fit.  I bought a horse and brought it to Hunters Haven — and this was definitely the right choice for me. The instructors build your confidence, push you just hard enough so you see improvement, and make lessons fun.  The barn "family" is made up of wonderful kids and adults ranging in age from grade school through retirement — and is truly a family that I'm so happy to be part of. The facility is clean and professional and offers a variety of riding options (indoor arena, outdoor dressage ring, a large galloping track, open space, and a general purpose outdoor ring). I would recommend Hunters Haven to anyone and everyone! – Jill W.

Hunters Haven Farm is a wonderful barn! I have 2 teenage daughters who are learning to ride there. The barn and the animals are clean and very well cared for. The instructors pay close attention to each rider and make sure they have mastered each step before progressing to anything more difficult. There are lessons for riders of many different levels. the instructors are caring and keep the lessons both fun and challenging for the riders.Hunter Haven Farm also has horse shows, camps and activities for the riders to participate in if they choose to. It's a very friendly, kind, knowledgable and understanding group of people who collectively make Hunters Haven more than just a barn, it's a place to ride, learn, socialize and feel like a part of their family  :-) – Teresa A.

I have had only positive experiences riding at Hunters Haven Farm. I was a little nervous at first, being a first time rider. But as the time went by I began to trust the instructors and the horses. Their horses are taken care of extremely well. Before I knew it I was trotting and cantering. I have been taking lessons there for over two years and am very happy with the results! Everyone there is greatly supportive and you can learn at your own pace. I highly recommend this barn! In my opinion they go above and beyond my expectations! – Marissa D.

My daughter has been a student at Hunter's Haven for over 4 years,   Her instructors have been consistently professional, engaged and supportive and have helped nurture her appreciation for riding as well as for the whole animal.  We are grateful for the expertice, excellent experience and guidance she has been afforded at hunters haven.....plus....she says it's "wicked fun"....!! – Marc F.

Hunters Haven is a great place. My daughter has been taking lessons there for 3 years now & loves it. The barn is always spotless, the grounds are simply beautiful and very well kept. Students have the opportunity to help out and earn some riding time. It's a great facility & I highly recommend it to anyone. – Dianne M.

If you or your child want to have a really great riding experience, then Hunters Haven is for you. My daughter has been riding there for over a year, and has had a wonderful experience. The very caring, and knowledgeable instructors are so focused on everything she is doing while riding. She has learned so much from them. I, as well as my daughter, have complete confidence in the instructors. They truly love teaching people to ride, and sharing their passion for horses. The property is beautiful and well kept up. The owner is very approachable, and has always gotten back to me quickly with any questions I have had. Her love for horses shows the moment you drive up the driveway to the barn. My daughter has made a lot of great friends while at Hunter's Haven. Besides just riding horses, she has also learned a lot about caring for them as well. She enjoys every moment that she spends there. What are you waiting for...come try out a class today! – Jacquelyn O.

From a riding addict — I started riding the summer of 2010, ever since my first day I have been determined to be the best rider I can. I have came so far from trying to figure out diagonals to working on flying lead changes with Kerri! The teachers are awesome, they never give up on you even if you don't understand something, they push you to your greatest ability & for that I am very thankful. I am in 8th grade surrounded by people from school who are getting into "not so good things" and all I focus on is the barn. Riding at the barn has taught me great lessons of responsibility and determination as well as bringing me closer to other girls outside of my town who I now consider my best friends. – Rhinelander27

One of a Kind Farm — I have been riding here for about 12 years now. I started when I was about 4 or 5 and I have loved this barn ever since. When I first started riding I tried other barns, but they told me I was too young or I was too small, but at Hunter's Haven Farm I was taken in with open arms. Everyone is basically just one big family and everyone enters and leaves the barn with a smile. The instructors are so nice and the horses are the best! There is an AMAZING cross country course, outdoor ring, galloping track, dressage ring and indoor ring. The barn even has a few goats and a great donkey :) The lessons are so much fun I have to say in my opinion this is one of the greatest barns I have ever been to. :) –Swany1247

Such a great place to ride. As someone with 13 years of riding experience I've had my share of good and bad encounters within the equestrian world. Hunters Haven is without a doubt a diamond in the rough. After showing for a good number of years an injury rendered me unable to ride for a long year of physical therapy and horse withdrawals. I had the idea in my head that I would never jump a course again until after a fair amount of convincing I began to search for a new place to ride. I came across HHF while searching online. Besides the attractive and informative website, the thing that drew me to this establishment first was the price. They were the least expensive cost per hour lesson I could find. As it turns out the least expensive was the best value as well. I called and spoke to Tricia, the owner, and got information as well as an invitation to come by and check the place out. Naturally, I came the next possible free moment I had. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful pastures and barn tucked back down a long dirt driveway. I was greeted with a friendly atmosphere and healthy, happy looking horses. I was convinced. I scheduled my first lesson the very next week, and aside from my recent maternity leave, I'm back in the saddle again jumping all over again. Besides lessons there are many fun and family friendly events to attend at the barn, along with many local shows during the warmer months.The entire staff is friendly, educated and truly care about your experience. I would recommend Hunters Haven Farm in a heartbeat to anyone with a love for horses. – Cheq ur eq

Best barn! I've only been riding at hunters haven farm for about a year and a half now. Since i started riding here, i have learned more english riding, how to perfect it, how to jump, and i've even taken part in some shows. Now that i'm here, i would never trade barns. The instructors are so nice and there's a lesson for everyone, weather you have ridden for 10 years or are beginning. The horses and ponies are extremely friendly and the lessons are a good group size to learn in. You're grouped with people the same riding ability and are never forced t dosomthing you dont want. All of the horses (and other farm animals) are extremely well taken care of and it shows. Dont' waste your time at other farms! Hunter's Haven Farm is the best! – Emma G.

Hunters Haven Farm!!! I have been riding at Hunters Haven Farm for about 10 years now, i started taking lessons when i was 6. It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful place in the world. Everyone is so friendly, including the horses. There are many different horses and lessons for every level rider and the instructors are just amazing. They have indoor and outdoor rings, a galloping track, a pond u can ride around, a cross country field, a dressage ring, and four big pastures for the horses to run around, they have everything!! I have met some of my best friends at Hunters Haven, and many horses I've fallen in love with. They also have a show team! There are many other events during the year, such as jumper shows, easter show, summer shows, derby party, and my favorite, a halloween show and sleepover! Everyone is a family and I hope I get to be at Hunters Haven Farm for the rest of my life, it's my favorite place in the whole world! If your thinking about riding at Hunters Haven, your making the right decision, its the best barn around! I don't think you'll even want to leave! – TabCarousel1

Perfect place for any horse or rider! After riding at this farm for roughly five years, I must say that this is by far the best barn I have ever been to. All of the instructors are very helpful and kind. The facilities are amazing, and include a galloping track, dressage ring, indoor and outdoor rings, and cross country course. The stalls are well tended to, and all of the horses are looked after regardless of whether or not they are the barn's responsibility. All of the people at this barn are very kind and know what they are talking about. This barn is incredibly clean, especially since they have a large number of horse. Don't waste your time and go anywhere else, I guarentee you will fall in love with this barn and the horses! – An768

In this age of technology in every aspect of our kids lives, we wanted to try some good old fashioned fun for our twins 10th birthday. These ponies were adorable and amazingly well mannered. Not even an ambulance roaring by upset them. My daughter took countless pics and the ponies (we rented 2) were so easy going they seemed to pose for the pictures. The handlers were good with the children and answered every one of the adults 'horse' questions with humor and ease, What started as a birthday present for twins ended up entertainment for everyone there., I would highly recommend this... – Crackofdawn

The rented ponies arrived on time at our house, were adorable and well cared for. It was such a good time for all that 3 years later, we bought a horse from them and board it at their stable in Groveland! The staff are excellent, educated and easygoing which makes my whole family feel comfortable-even my husband who is a beginning rider and takes lessons there. I highly recommend this horse farm. Clathundra